What works!

This is where products and services I have found to be useful, as an all season motorcyclist the demands on my equipment and services are higher than average, with on average 1,100 miles a month it often stretches some of the best kit. I have been ridding bikes for as long as I can remember. My intention is to give real world knowledge to new and old Motorcyclist. No products or manufactures have sponsored, or funded this site, unless stated.

All what you read is my opinion and may or may not reflect other peoples views. I only comment on what I have tried and tested, the test ground is all wether city, urban ridding week day and 200-300 miles country ridding. The present bike I have is a Yamaha FZ1 second hand, ¬†purchased with 470 miles on the clock it’s a 2012 model. Perfect for what I use it for although I would like more comfort (would’t we all).

Send comments and views to info@motorcycle-rider.co.uk I would love to hear from you.

Safe ridding