What to do if your motorcycle gets stolen?

What to do if your motorcycle gets stolen.

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First thing to make a few notes.

  • Time you noticed your bike missing
  • Registration number of your bike
  • Make, model and colour (any distinct features that may make it identifiable)
  • The exact location where you bike was stolen from
  • If there is any evidence such as debris from locks or chain that have been forced, take a picture. But do not touch or disturb it as it may help identify the perpetrator (they tend to use the same methods and it’s like a signature to those who woke in the field of vehicle theft).
  •  Now contact the police by calling ‘101’. (If you see a vehicle theft taking place, just call 999, and do not confront the thieves)

 The police may or may not visit you at the scene, however you need to take notes of the ‘crime reference number‘ which you later have to give to your insurance company in order to make a claim or insurance.

I would suggest that a walk around the local area just to see if your bike has been relocated by the thieves, you may be very lucky and find it in a surrounding street, it may be even put under a cover to hide it. This often happens just to bide some time so they can come back and remove it at a later time by other means.

If your vehicle is not found within a week, you can apply for tax refund. Contact DVLA to get a V33 form for a vehicle tax refund. This will require your crime reference number on it, plus other details.

From the moment you are aware that your vehicle has been stolen and you have notified your insurance company, I suggest that you use structural insurance company to terminate or suspend your policy. This helps to flag the registration number up on  automatic number plate recognition systems (ANPR) if it’s being used moved around with its original numberplate.

 Stolen motorcycle registration page on Facebook is a place to register you bike to other bikers who may come across it. It may help you recover it.