The new 2015 R1

2015 R1

Today from a reliable source, I have been informed that there will be no more R1’s sent to dealers in the UK till September, When they do in September there may be another colour in the offering other that the tow they have now blue and red schemes. I ¬†was not told what as the posable colour would be as my source did not know. I look forward to seeing the new scheme.

The new R1 seem to be a big hit in the UK sales are looking strong. The special edition R1M sold out prior to them being shipped to the UK. Both R1’s are fantastic bike worth a consideration if you are in the market for a new bike, although both of the bikes are for those track day individuals, the bike seems to have a real world ride-ability, and not feeling cramped.

I will keep you posted on development as I find out.

Ride safe this summer.

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