Choices and opinions on tires is a controversial subjects with all competent riders, because the choice should be governed by the bike, your style of riding, your weight and the wether conditions that you tender to riding in. For instance I ride 7 to 10,000 miles a year  mostly in the UK, riding in all weather conditions, I am riding a Yamaha Fazer FZ1000 AS, with ABS, this bike is marketed by the manufactures as a ‘Sports Touring’ bike. Personally, I find the suspension (as standard) is soft and squishy and poor to adjust making it more touring, I need all round longevity in all-weathers. I have found that the Michelin Road Pilot 3  that retailer that (£216 a pair) offer all that I need on this bike. They have performed exceptionally well, these duel compound tyres have lasted well, giving grate grip especially in the winter wet weather. The Dunlops Sport Max (£165 a pair) which were standard fitment and recommended by Yamaha were OKish, they offered good dry wether grip but dangerously poor grip in wet and cold wether, especially when part worn (1,000 miles) and they only lasted 2,900miles.


 I would suggest that you only have tyres filtered by a qualified motorcycle tyre fitter, car tyre fitters can fit bike tyres. Often there are little tricks, knacks and skills that if not done regular, can be over looked or even forgot (just don’t risk it). As motorcyclist we only have two wheels in contact with the road ( contact points about the size of a credit card) and we need both of them all of the time! Cheap is not an option when fitting or buying tyres.

Tyre development is improving at a rapid rate and todays tire is tomorrows ‘don’t buy’ the road tyres of today have more technology in them than you imagine. As a buyers guide best ask the tyre fitter at the centre, the one that specialises in fitting motorcycle tires and also check with other riders who ride the same bike as you, ask them what they use and recommend, it doesn’t mean that they will work for you, however it will help you narrow down the choices. Prices can and do vary a lot in some cases, so do shop around, personally I would pay more and know they are fitted 100% right than save a few pounds. Interesting point about motorcycle tyres. they have valve marks on them, that is the mark yellow dots on the wall of the tire, make sure that they line up with your valve. In the past I have had arguments with fitters, who have said that it doesn’t matter. Put it this way. “The manufacture has put them on for a reason not for fun, this is to help balance the tire and help reliability”. Manufactures would not do anything that would cost then more money, and time in  labour.

I can confidently recommend Pro tire Enfield it has its own motorcycle tyre bay and I recommend the fitter he’s exceptional at his job, he knows what he’s doing. There are few that are at the top of their game like him,  I believe he is one of the best bike tyre fitters in North London.