Guidance and information.

Owning and using a motorbike is a way to get to work and back, for others it is a lifestyle, and some its somewhere in-between, it can even be a tool of their trade.
The guidance that is on offer through this website is from the leanings that I have had as a year round motorcyclist. My personal background is one of┬áriding bikes sins a youngster and having been on the road for now, over a decade, in all weathers, and all situations. I average around 14,000 miles a year and to be truthful I love every minuet of it.As for the maintenance it is all carried out by myself (once it is out of warranty). I would say that some of the work needs specialist tool, So I will refer it to the garage to do, but in general 85% is done by myself. I believe that it is as important to know what you can’t do as it is what you can. The best buy is to get a Hayns manual to guide you through the difficulties.