Motorcycle Recovery / Transportation.

Unlike cars, motorcycles cannot always be left at the roadside if and when they break-down. Or should I  actually say  “you can, however your bike may not be there when you return”.
If you have a new motorcycle that is less than two years old, you may or may not know that the manufacturers gives you free roadside recovery/breakdown for two years after you have purchased it. So before you  pay for ‘Road side assistance’ give the people where you bought it a call and check wether your bike is covered for breakdown. (Remember have a pen and paper handy as you can take down the contact details of the breakdown company).

Insurance and Breakdown cover.
Some insurance companies offer breakdown cover/roadside repair/puncture repair within their policy, however be warned, there are often limits to what is covered and how many times you can claim (Be warned) rarely will you be covered comprehensively, services can be very restricted.  Check with your Broker/insurance company as to what is offered/covered and what is not. Check as well as to ‘who’ will be doing the work on your bike, I’ve known of bikes being recovered buy company’s who are not familiar with loading and securing bike for transit, this has caused damage to the bike and a load of paperwork not to mention stress, phone calls, time etc.
It is really worth giving some serious consideration to buying independent breakdown cover for your bike especially if you have more than one bike, It may pay you back ten fold, in time saved and the attending recovery driver will be a biker and knows what a safe fix will be. My recommendation is SOS Motorcycle Recovery

RAC  recommended!
I’m sure some people’s experience will have been different, however my insurance policy did not cover everything and it was not limitless, leaving my wife’s motorcycle and my bike stranded.
Looking around post incident, I found that the RAC offered a fully comprehensive cover on any vehicle and if my self or wife was travelling in any vehicle as long as it is not a commercial vehicle it would also be covered. This would also include accident recovery, punctures, breakdown, and home start (Limitless). The contractors who administer this service are specifically trained to work on and with motorcycles and trained to load, recover and transit motorcycles with specialised equipment.

Transporting &  Recovering motorcycles.
The only company that I would suggest you to use and is one that I have mentioned before is  SOS motorcycle recovery. Recovering motorcycles, moving them delivering them and transporting them, nationally and internationally is what they do and only what they do. Making them THE BEST! Without question. Please do tell them where you heard about them, I take no commission at all for the referral, I just get to know that your going to get the best service.