Prepare your bike for winter

It’s strange to be writing this even though it is late October, the weather in London today is a barmy 18 degrees, dry, warm and sunny. However that said, it will get cold and wet and if you are like me an all weather rider you will want to protect your bike from the corrosive salt that is put down on the roads to melt ice. Over the last decade I have used most things to protect and prevent winter damage to my bike and I have settled on the easiest, which is not always the cheapest so please  bear this in mind.  I found a product that is used in the aviation industry so it has been tested far beyond the extremes that a motorcyclist would put it through. It has the ability to halt corrosion and protect without causing damage to any other materials such as plastic, aluminium, anodised parts, rubber etc. ACF50 it’s not cheap at around £15 a can and its a bit of a pain to apply, but it is worth the effort. Do be careful no to put it on your discs as it is a lubricant and will affect their ability to work. Be aware that it can migrate after it has been applied so do be careful. I tend to sprayed into a little part and apply it with a small brush just to the metal parts and wipe of any surplus.

The winterising program I go through this time of year is clean the bikes chain (if you have one) and leave it while you was the bike down. My latest acquisition is a product new to myself called SDoc 100, apply to the bike dry, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and hose it off. Dry the bike off and relocate the chain, at the moment I’m using the SDoc chain lube as it has a small refillable can ideal for tank bag or whilst touring and because the cleaning product was so good I thought I would give the chain lube I try.

Wax your bike if you chose (miracle shine) and apply ACF50 to all metal and exposed parts, it can also be applied to electrical connections if you so wish. Leave it on until early spring when the salt has gone off of the road.  Wash it off and hey presto! ready for another summer season. If you should find any parts through the winter that are showing signs of corrosion immediately apply ACF50 as it claims to arrest corrosion in its midst.

ACF50 the product fit for Aeroplanes.

SDoc 100 developed by  motorcyclists and tested by motorcyclists.

Miracle shine.