Body Armour for Biking.

Every so often there is a massive step forward in technology, this step forward then it finds it way into many other things, often totally unintended. This is it ‘D3O’. This is a substance instantly goes hard on impact and returns back to it’s original soft state after the impact, retaining all it’s original propertys. The best way to understand it is, it’s airbags for your shin’s, knee’s, hip’s, back, shoulder’s and elbow’s. D3O is an innovation in motorcycle safety.

My only criticism so far is, that I have yet to see an independent back/spine protector which uses D3O. You can purchase a back protector, that replaces the one in your jacket that is made of D3O, but I would like to see an independent spine protector like the Force Field 2 using D3O. I use a Forcefield 2 back protector and would recommend them to everyone. Maybe Force Field and D3O could join ‘forces’.

Sorry this is an advert, however it does show the applications and the way it works. There are many demos on you tube that show its effectiveness, have a look.

Rukka are, as far as I know it, the only company that provide it as standard in their motorcycle clothing. Good news is that other sports have now got D3O as part of their safety equipment, skiing, horse riding and mounting biking.

In motorcycle terms if it is not orange it’s not D3O.

Another thing is that D3O has now found itself in mobile protection, look at Tech21.