I first came across Active8 at a motorcycle show, and on the stand they had a test rig that you were able to have a hands on experience of what it dose. To be honest I watched a few guys have a go on the rig, I listened to Chris explaining what was happening, I was interested but not totally convinced. So when the stand was less busy I revisited and asked to have it explained in detail. This visual demo that I have put below explains it far better than I could ever. It may seem bit far fetched but I promise it truly dose what it claims. I have used it in all of my cars and bikes from a Turbo Diesel Rang Rover, Range Rover V8 petrol, Honda CRV petrol, Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird Motorcycle, Yamaha R6 motorcycle, Yamaha YZF Fazer 1000cc, all sounded noticeable quieter and improved fuel economy. When the major services came up on the bikes there was no need for any valve adjustments and the clutch plates were hardly worn, and that’s 50k city riding all year round.